Effective Collaboration

Your sales people are responsible for “selling the forecast”. Your forecasting process is responsible for establishing a set of numbers that will drive your operations. The objective of collaborative forecasting is to develop a relationship between your planners and sellers through a co-managed process that facilitates the sharing of information to qualify those numbers.

Demand Strategies Group Inc. has the collaboration tools to improve financial performance by harmonizing production and inventory to customer requirements. We have the experts with first-hand experience to help you achieve higher levels of customer service through effective collaboration.

VMI Implementation

Getting your head around a reversal of the traditional trading partner relationship can be a daunting task. However, the payoffs can be tremendous. Increased sales from improved fill rates, better market positioning, and lower inventories are just a few of the obvious benefits. By combining our experienced representatives with Avercast software, we can address all your Vendor Managed Inventory needs.




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